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MIPS Reporting: Getting Off on the Right Foot

A physician who did not report performance on quality measures to the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) for 2015 now faces a 6% penalty on all Medicare Part B payments.  The same penalty will apply in 2018 for physicians who do not report performance for 2016. In addition to PQRS penalties, a 3% penalty now … Continue Reading

The Slippery Slope of Value

  This morning United Health Care announced its new Cancer Care Payment Pilot. According to UHC, this pilot is designed to “advance a new cancer payment model that focuses on best treatment practices and better health outcomes.” As a matter of fact, most agree that the cost of treating cancer under the current model is unsustainable. As evidence … Continue Reading

Certifying Quality

As we continue to move further down the path of healthcare reform, finding ways to focus on and measure the quality of clinicians is generating more and more discussion. An article published this week in the Columbus Dispatch highlighted the value of board certification as a proxy for quality. The article even went so far as … Continue Reading

The Ever Changing World of Quality-Based Incentive Compensation

I work with clients daily who are trying to best prepare themselves by implementing quality-based incentive compensation into their physician alignment strategies. As healthcare reform continues to be better understood and begins to be implemented, it is critical that hospitals understand how these bonuses/penalties will work. The clients I work with are prone to latch … Continue Reading